On behalf of the Trustees of the Kent North-West Branch of the RSPCA, thank you for your continued support and custom this year. To our team of volunteers, we are especially thankful to you for all of your hard work during 2017.

The trustees greatly appreciate the work of the volunteers who support the Kent North-West Branch and the contribution that they make to the success of the Branch. We take pride in the fact that we are one of the most progressive in the region and we are always looking to meet new challenges. 2017 was a challenging year both for the shops and the Branch, but thanks to everyone’s tireless support we have ended the year in good financial standing. Our services to animals continue to meet the highest standards that our supporters have come to expect.

During the year the Trustees have re-considered the possibility of founding an Animal Centre within the Branch area and have concluded that such a centre could not currently be sustained on a permanent basis given the number of animals that we take in and the ever escalating cost of such a scheme. We have therefore instead commenced planning the challenging task of providing an equine re-homing unit at the Leybourne Animal Centre. This will act as an extension to a facility that is already operating, and to which animals rescued within our jurisdiction are already sent. The unit will carry the name of the Kent North-West Branch in perpetuity. This is a really exciting project for the Branch and the wider South East region of the RSPCA as a whole. We continue setting a development plan for the next five years and I am sure that with a continuation of the support that we have been shown we will be able to meet any challenges that the future may bring with great success.

You may further be interested to know that this year we have to date (20th of December) taken into care some 200 animals, neutered over 100 animals and treated nearly 100 animals at our weekly veterinary clinics. Such statistics could not be boasted without the contribution made by our volunteers and supporters. Your support makes a real and significant difference to the lives and well-being of animals within our local area.

Thank you once again for that support and I close by wishing you, personally and on behalf of the Branch Trustees, a very Merry Christmas and a very happy and prosperous New Year.