Getting your cat spayed

Protect your cat from getting pregnant


To protect her from getting pregnant, your cat will need to go to the vet to have a simple operation, called spaying. You may know this as “neutering”, “fixing” or “being done”.


When your girl cat is about four months old, she will start to attract the attention of tomcats. Her hormones will make her give off signals that she wants to have sex. If you have a kitten, it’s best to have her spayed before she is four months old to protect her from getting pregnant while she is still a kitten herself.

You may have heard that it’s good for cats to have a litter of kittens before they are spayed – but this isn’t true. Once she has been spayed your cat will be able to do all the things cats enjoy doing, like going outdoors, climbing trees and playing.


Your kitten/cat will need to be dropped off at the vets, usually in the morning, and picked up again later that same day. The operation is very simple. She will be given an anaesthetic. Once they are back at home, they will need to stay in for a short time – your vet will advise – but they will soon be fi t and well again.


  1. Simply contact one of the vets listed below to book an appointment.
  2. You will need to pay just £15.
  3. Don’t delay – this offer runs for a limited time only and is only open to female cats.

See our Smitten with your kitten? leaflet for more details and a list of participating vets.

Recycle for Animal Care

The Branch has introduced a recycling scheme for the recycling of used Computer Print Cartridges; Mobile Telephones and used laser Cartridges.

Simply pick up an envelope at one of our shops pop the cartridge in and post it off. If you or your friends can assist by donating any of these items they will raise valuable funds for animal welfare within the Branch. Better still if you or your friend work at a company that uses any of these items why not ask if the can be donated to your local Branch of the RSPCA. If you would like some envelopes sent to you just ring one of our shops( See our shops page) and ask to be sent some recycling envelopes and we will do the rest.

Remember it does not cost anything but it does raise essential funds for the treatment of animals that come into our care.

Future Aspirations

It is a very sad fact that there are many unwanted animals within the Branch’s area and we struggle to accommodate them all within the working area of the Branch. Often we need to move the animals to centres which fall outside of our locality.

Therefore, the Branch Committee have devised an ambitious plan of building and running an RSPCA Animal Centre somewhere within the Dartford/Gravesham area. This will ensure adequate accommodation for the stray and unwanted animals and will act as the Branch’s base for re-homing, administration & microchipping.

The project will almost entirely be funded by the work of our two charity shops, two clinics, fundraising activities and donations from the public.

The project is currently in its infancy and we need in the region of a further £500,000 prior to starting the build. If you feel you can help in any way, either with advice on building, architecture, land or fundraising, the Branch Committee and the animals we can help in the future would be most grateful.

Help us to Help the Animals

The Branch is only capable of doing what it does through the work of our loyal volunteers.

We have the following requirements, should you wish to receive further information, please contact us and a member of the Branch Committee will be in touch.

  • Fundraising volunteers
  • Volunteers to help in our charity shops
  • Volunteers to put up posters and distribute leaflets in target areas
  • Volunteers for fostering animals(mainly cats) to ensure that they are fit and healthy for rehoming
  • Re-homing co-ordinator

How would you like to help check homes before our animals are placed in care?

It is the policy of the RSPCA to ensure that homes where are animals are placed are checked before placement. Can you help us by taking on the rewarding task. Ensure that home and potential animal owners understand the rudiments of animal care and their responsibilities as an owner and that the home is suitable. A full Training programme is given to all home checkers and specific check lists are provided to all home checkers.

If you feel that you are able to help call us on our helpline 01322 286720 and choose option 3 we will give you all the information that you need and arrange for you to be placed on the next training course.

The work is not to onerous and can usually be done at a time convenient to yourself and of course you will be reimbersed with any out of pocket expenses and be fully covered by the RSPCA insurance cover

Animals looking for homes

From time to time the Kent North West Branch takes into its care animals, normally cats, and occasionally dogs, rabbits and other small furries that are seeking a new home with lots of TLC.

If you feel that you would like to offer a home to one of the animals that come into our care contact our rehoming advice service for details of the animals that are currently seeking homes. Simply ring the Branch Helpline on 01322 286720 and choose the Rehoming option.