Getting Your Cat Spayed

To protect your furry friend from getting pregnant, she will need to go to the vet to have a simple operation, called spaying. You may know this by other terms such as ‘neutering’ or ‘fixing’. During the procedure a part of your cat’s reproductive organs – the ovaries and/or uterus – will be removed. It is a routine operation and poses no risk to your cat, nor will you notice any side effects of changes in her behaviour. She will be given an anaesthetic and will not feel any pain.

Why Spay?

When your cat is around four months old, she will start to attract the attention of males. Her hormones will make her give off signals telling nearby animals that she wants to have sex. She may spend a lot of time outside of the house, endangering her safety and may be less likely to return to your home. If you have a kitten, it’s best to have her spayed before she is four months old to protect her from getting pregnant while she is still only a kitten herself.

You may have heard that it’s good for cats to have a litter of kittens before they are spayed – but this isn’t true. While kittens may be cute, they soon grow into adult cats and then have kittens of their own and this process quickly gets out of control. These unwanted cats often end up stray or in re-homing centres. Once she has been spayed your cat will be able to do all the things cats enjoy doing, like going outdoors, climbing trees and playing. She will be safer and you will have peace of mind that you won’t have the unpleasant surprise of having to care for a litter of unwanted kittens.


How The Offer Works:

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