How You Can Help

As a charity, the North-West Kent branch of the RSPCA survives solely thanks to the support of the local communities within our area. Whether you wish to donate your time and expertise or your money and unwanted possessions – whether you are able to give a little or a lot, your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

It takes all of us to create a world that is kinder for animals.


Our most precious asset are our volunteers who selflessly devote themselves to this important cause.

Using the above link will take you to a list of roles and current vacancies we need to fill.

Donate Unwanted Goods

One person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure. Your unwanted goods help us to raise valuable income. Even damaged clothes, bags and shoes, as well as old books, can be recycled by us – we make use of everything that we can and it is better for the environment too!

Donate via Just Giving

If you are able to make a financial contribution, either as a one off payment or as a direct debit, please click above.

Collection Boxes

We are currently seeking local businesses to host our collection boxes on their premises. If you work somewhere with a high volume of customers such as a supermarket or a busy shop please get in contact with us!

Re-home an Animal

#AdoptDontShop: Please consider adopting an animal in need of a home and stay away from neglectful and profit-hungry breeders.

Become a Member

Become a member today and you’ll receive our latest news and information, as well as many other benefits. And you’ll be helping to make a big difference to the lives of thousands of animals.

Buy RSPCA Assured

Consume less animal products, and choose only those with a high welfare label such as RSPCA Assured, free-range or organic. These ensure that the animals have had more freedom to express their natural behaviours and live a normal life.

Buy Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

Many cosmetics and household products are routinely and unnecessarily tested on animals – supporting cruelty-free brands can end this.