Leybourne Equine Centre Project



As part of our commitment to support animal welfare within our local area, we continue to offer a number of services to local residents, including cat neutering and subsidized veterinary care.

At the same time, we rescue lost and abandoned animals and arrange shelter for them in surrounding areas while they wait to be re-homed.

For a number of years now it has been the goal of the Branch to found an animal re-homing centre within the boundaries of North West Kent to truly localize this service. At present this aim has been deemed unsustainable – but we will not be giving up on it altogether!

Moving Forward

In the mean-time, animals remain in need of our help!

While we are not quite ready to go it alone just yet, we are – thanks to the continued help of our generous supporters, in a strong position to collaborate with our neighbours elsewhere in Kent.

Currently, the RSPCA operates a 23-acre re-homing centre in Leybourne, Kent. Up to this point the centre has only been able to take in dogs, cats, rabbits and other small mammals. However, we have also identified the need to deal with much larger animals including horses, which the centre is currently unable to accommodate.

Our commitment has and always will be to value the welfare of animals above and beyond any monetary considerations.

So, after careful planning, we have decided to commit to fund an extension to Leybourne Animal Centre that will allow us to shelter and nurture horses until they are ready to move on to their new homes.

The new facility will carry the name of the Kent North West Branch of the RSPCA and act as a legacy to those that have helped to make this all possible. In July 2019 the Kent North West Branch Equine Rehoming Facility opened. It has been an amazing success and so far 70 abandoned and neglected foals, horses and ponies have passed through and benefitted from veterinary care, training, fostering and rehoming. This is the first time an RSPCA Branch has been able to fund such a large project at a national Centre and it has been incredibly well received. This was only possible thanks to the generosity of our supporters.

Success Story: Cash (pictured above) is a young Standardbred who was found collapsed in a ditch just before Christmas. He has had to spend months recovering his strength at our Equine facility and putting on weight. He is now fit and well, and will shortly be ready to be adopted. He is a very loving, gentle horse, despite his ordeal.

Thank you once again from all of us at the Kent North West branch of the RSPCA!

Rehome a Horse

The aim of the new equine centre will be to house horses on a temporary basis until they are able to be moved to their new homes after being adopted. If you are interested in rehoming a horse, please use our Find a Pet tool to search for horses near you.