The Branch Trustees are pleased to advise all clients of our Weekly Clinic facility which will operate through the good offices of the Shrubbery Veterinary Clinic Northfleet. The Clinic will operate on Wednesday afternoons from 2.30 to 4.00pm for members of the public on benefits. Details of the service can be obtained from leaflets which are available at the Branch Charity Shops. The Facility will be on an appointments system and appointments can be made either by direct contact with the Shrubbery Clinic

The cost of the clinic treatment will be £15.00 plus VAT and the operation of the facility will be reviewed in six months time. The first Clinic will be held on Wednesday 3rd October

Assistance with Veterinary fees will continue to be available for the foreseeable future to find out if you qualify simply ring the Branch Helpline on 01322 286720 and choose option 3 and you will be connected to Branch Animal Welfare Administrator, who if not available will return your call. If you are requested to leave a message please be specific in your request and give full details for the Administrator to return you call.

Should you not fit our criteria for subsidised veterinary treatment you should contact your local Veterinary Surgeon who will advise you on the appropriate treatment.

The Branch regret that the free microchipping service for cats and dogs on the first Saturday of every month has been discontinued due to a lack of take up of the service. Should you require a microchipping service please contact you local Veterinary Surgeon who will be please to advise you on the procedures. Should you require financial assistance with microchipping please contact the Branch Animal Welfare Administrator on the Branch Helpline.Microchipping your animal is an incredibly valuable and worthy exercise. All too often, our Inspectorate or local authorities pick up stray animals and cannot return them to their owners because there is no chip in the animal and the collar has either fallen off, been taken off or there was not one in the first place. By microchipping your pet you can ensure it will be returned to you if it is picked up by the RSPCA or other animal control agencies.