Protect your cat from getting pregnant


To protect her from getting pregnant, your cat will need to go to the vet to have a simple operation, called spaying. You may know this as “neutering”, “fixing” or “being done”.


When your girl cat is about four months old, she will start to attract the attention of tomcats. Her hormones will make her give off signals that she wants to have sex. If you have a kitten, it’s best to have her spayed before she is four months old to protect her from getting pregnant while she is still a kitten herself.

You may have heard that it’s good for cats to have a litter of kittens before they are spayed – but this isn’t true. Once she has been spayed your cat will be able to do all the things cats enjoy doing, like going outdoors, climbing trees and playing.


Your kitten/cat will need to be dropped off at the vets, usually in the morning, and picked up again later that same day. The operation is very simple. She will be given an anaesthetic. Once they are back at home, they will need to stay in for a short time – your vet will advise – but they will soon be fi t and well again.


  1. Simply contact one of the vets listed below to book an appointment.
  2. You will need to pay just £15.
  3. Don’t delay – this offer runs for a limited time only and is only open to female cats.

See our Smitten with your kitten? leaflet for more details and a list of participating vets.